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“Where to Cycle in NS” Guidebook

Welcome! This is the place to download routes from the Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia guidebook. It is also the best place to learn about any important route updates. Haven’t purchased a copy of the book yet? Here are some reasons why you might want to:

The book includes:

  • 106 cycling routes around all parts of Nova Scotia, mostly on low-traffic country roads and rail trails
  • 38 detailed maps, with full-colour fold-out map
  • Tips on how to pack and prepare for cycling adventures, including packing checklists
  • Kid-friendly rides and tips for cycling with children
  • Features on the Cabot Trail and the Destination Trails (Rum Runners, Harvest Moon Trailway, Celtic Shores)
  • Regional overviews
  • Each ride includes: route descriptions, ride considerations, side trips/variations, points of interest (with kilometre markers), cue sheet (turn-by-turn instructions), and map.


Buy local! It supports our local economy in so many ways. Please consider visiting your local bookstore. Also, most bike shops will have the book available. But if you are from out of province and need to order online, click on the button below to order directly from Nimbus.

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Visit the links below to:

  • Read about any important updates to the route
  • Explore the routes interactively
  • View the elevation profile
  • Download the route to use on your device
  • Read comments from other users
  • Provide comments about the route. (To make a comment you will need to sign up to Ride w/ GPS, which is free.)

Downloading Routes

To find the route you are looking for, refer to the map below or scroll down to the spreadsheet that includes all of the routes in the book.

** If there are specific issues with the route (bridge out, road work happening, etc.), please be sure to contact us so we can add this to the ‘updates’ in the list below. If you have a comment about the route, please feel free to add it on the Ride w/ GPS site.

All the routes are available to download in various file formats to use on your device of choice. To download the routes:

  1. Follow the link in the spreadsheet (route name); you will be redirected to
  2. In the left-hand sidebar, hit the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner labeled “More”.
  3. Click on “Export as File”. Choose to download your file of choice.


Distance (km)

Duration (22/15kmh)

Max Grade +

Elevation Gain (m)



Cycling Routes of Halifax Metro
1 Halifax Peninsula 15.0


5.4 149

2 Shearwater Flyer and Salt Marsh Trail (RT) 37.3


1.9 146

100% (37 km)

3 Cow Bay 31.7


4.6 230

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