CNS Board Positions


  • Board positions are two-year terms, with option to serve for re-election.
  • Board roles require a commitment to attend board meetings, sector specific meetings and engage in inter-meeting email decisions and discussions as needed.
  • A commitment of ~10hrs per month is expected.


If you are interested in being a part of our board, please send a paragraph introducing yourself, why you are excited to join BNS, and the specific board position in which you are interested to [email protected].


CNS has board meetings every 2nd month and we are working to ensure that people can join remotely so we encourage applications from outside Halifax.

Board Positions


The president manages the board of directors and serves as the chair for board and annual meetings. The president also has a non-voting position on each program committee. Above all of that, the president is most responsible for keeping CNS on track with respect to achieving whatever long-term plans or goals happen to be in place.

Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents of Sport and Recreation both manage their particular portfolios and work closely with the President to ensure progress on these portfolios.


The secretary is responsible for recording the business of the board and assists the president in setting the board’s agenda.



The treasurer is the financial officer for CNS. The treasurer’s responsibilities include reporting on the association’s finances to the board and membership, creating an annual financial report, and doing the day-to-day banking and bookkeeping for the association.



The registrar has responsibility over all activities involving registering members of the association. This includes creating and maintaining event registration forms, fine-tuning the registration process, and printing out memberships and race licenses. The registrar also maintains a membership database of both individual members and affiliated cycling clubs.


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Directors at Large

For this position you will be helping CNS meet its strategic goals by working with the co-presidents and other board members on various projects and initiatives. Your role will involve working with committees to help provide oversight and perspective to some of the many elements that make up the organization.


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