A Month of Community Engagement

Reflecting on a bustling month, CNS’ Active Transportation Team is thrilled to share the highlights of our journey through West Hants, Wagmatcook, and Victoria County.

Survey Insights

In West Hants and Wagmatcook, our survey results for the Core AT Projects are now available on our Core AT Partner page. These insights are instrumental in shaping fair design interventions for our AT networks, ensuring that the diverse voices of residents are heard before finalizing plans, drawings, and costing.

Ground-Level Engagement in Cape Breton

Further Engagement took us back to Cape Breton, where we conducted a community walkaround with the Wagmatcook MPAL. This set the stage for our upcoming December meeting with the Wagmatcook AT committee, which will mark the finalization of the community engagement phase and clarify the project’s direction.

Youth Mobility Audit and Engagement Session in Baddeck

Collaborating with the Ecology Action Centre, CNS joined the first phase of a Youth Mobility Audit in Baddeck. This forward-thinking approach gathered input on essential infrastructure elements needed for the younger demographic, ensuring our projects align with the community’s future needs.

At the BOLD Centre in Baddeck, we hosted a public information and engagement session, sparking discussions on the proposed network plan. Residents actively shared insights on infrastructure concerns, contributing to community-driven planning.

Finalizing Phase One in West Hants. 

Phase One engagement in West Hants is almost done. We are now honing in on the Route Priority Matrix Selection of a route priority in Windsor. This critical step propels us into Phase Two, where our focus shifts to designing and obtaining costing for the project.

What is next in the New Year

The month has been a whirlwind of community connections, collaborative efforts, and insightful engagements. The CNS Active Transportation Team remains steadfast in integrating resident aspirations into our projects, making each stride a step toward a more connected and vibrant future. Stay tuned for further updates on our current projects as we see who has signed on for the next round of Community Partners in 2024/2025.