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Q: What is the youngest age that someone is allowed to compete?

A: There isn’t an official minimum age limit, but we would recommend not having anyone under 12 on the course for road events. For young riders, it can be a good idea to have an adult stay with them throughout the course for support. MTB or gravel events may have children’s categories for younger participants.

Q: I’m racing tomorrow and I haven’t applied for my license yet. How do I race?

A: You can race with a One Event Membership (OEM) that can be purchased for $15 during registration. If you decide after the race you want to apply for a race license, you can use that $20 as a credit towards the purchase of a race license. You can only use an OEM once per season.

Q: I applied for a license but haven’t received my card yet. 

A: License applications take, on average, 10 business days. Another reason not to leave it to the last minute! If you have not received your card after this time, contact us and we will investigate.

Q: I applied for a license, my race is in two days and I haven’t received my card yet.

A: if you asked for a temporary license during registration, you would have been emailed a PDF file with your temporary license on it. It is valid for two weeks from date of issue. Please print this off and take it to the race with you. It will be a valid license for that race. If you never asked for the temporary license, contact us and request one. It will be mailed out to you before the race. The earlier you ask this the better the chance of receiving your temporary license. Asking for it the morning of the race may leave you high and dry without one.

Q: Why is a race license more expensive than a General Membership. 

A: Racing, due to its inherent nature, has more risk involved than non-competitive cycling; hence, the premiums for insurance are higher. Additional fees are also required to validate UCI licenses.

Q: I’m totally confused on the membership application page and can’t get registered. Who should I contact?

A: Contact us and we will be in contact to help you out with registration.

Q: I can’t get my photo to upload onto the membership page for my race license. What do I do?

A: Contact us with your photo and it will be looked after from there. Please ensure that your photo follows the standard passport photo format; otherwise, your application can’t be processed.

Q: I chose the wrong age group, race category, wrong phone number, etc. when I registered. How do I fix it?

A: Contact us and identify what was entered wrong. They will fix the error so your license will be printed correctly.

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