Insurance Claim Worksheet

Involved in an accident or injury while riding your bike? If you’re an active BNS member, please contact [email protected] for a claim form you’ll have to complete. Before you start, here are some items you might need to continue activating a claim:

  • A copy of a photo ID (like a driver’s licence, or government issued ID)
  • If your accident involved a motorized vehicle, please have any contact details of the driver of ready for this form
  • If you have health insurance coverage with another provider, or if you have coverage through your partner, family or anyone in your household, please take note your policy number for any future follow-up questions

An insurance provider will call you after we submit your claim. They may ask questions similar to those you will provide below. BNS will contact you 2-4 weeks after we submit your claim to follow-up on how things are going.

Take care. We hope to see you on the road or trail soon!


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