One Metre Rule

The One Metre Rule

Bicycle Nova Scotia worked hard to help bring in legislation that would make it law for cars to give at least one-metre clearance when passings cyclists. It also makes it a requirement that cars do not block or interfere with dedicated bike lanes. This was an important development that will improve the safety for all cyclists riding the roads of Nova Scotia.

Below is a breakdown of the legislation:

Bill 93 legislation is designed to encourage safe sharing of the road by cyclists and drivers. It includes requirements for both cyclists and drivers.

Bill 93 requires drivers to:

  • Leave at least one metre (three feet) of space when passing a cyclist.
  • Cross a yellow line if necessary to pass a cyclist if it is safe to do so. They must pass only if there is no oncoming traffic or wait if it is not safe to pass.
  • Avoid driving or parking in bike lanes, unless avoiding a hazard, a left-turning car, or under instruction by a police officer.

Bill 93 requires cyclists to:

  • Ride single file except when passing another cyclist.
  • Ride on the right side of the road. They may move to the left of a lane when riding through a roundabout, turning left, or avoiding obstacles.
  • Use designated bike lanes where they are present and free of obstructions.

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