Cycling Nova Scotia is a not for profit organization that is invested in promoting cycling culture, improving infrastructure, and strengthening the cycling community in Nova Scotia. We advocate for and support all types of cycling and are committed to improving conditions within the province so that cyclists of all ages and abilities can enjoy the thrill, enjoyment, and practicality of cycling.

Previously known as Bicycle Nova Scotia, Cycling Nova Scotia changed its name in the spring of 2023. This was done to better represent all cyclists. Please bear with us as we update our website and materials. You may still see Bicycle Nova Scotia in specific places (such as in documents) which we have kept that way to avoid confusion.

Here is a list of some of what CNS has accomplished and what we are currently working on:

Supporting a healthy network of cycling clubs and organizations

CNS Provides:

    • Registration of events using our software and administration
    • Managing provincial cycling calendar of events
    • Monthly newsletter delivering current news about events and important happenings
    • Contributing to the online cycling community through social media
    • Advocating for cycling infrastructure and policy to grow all aspects of cycling in Nova Scotia
    • Hosting or co-hosting the annual Nova Scotia Cycling Summit
    • Hosting the annual Bicycle Nova Scotia Awards Night
    • Helping to organize the annual Bike Week that takes place around the province


Competition and Athlete Development

  • Race insurance available through CNS
  • Race registration available through CNS
  • Promotion of races on the website, social media, online calendar, and race calendar
  • Events coordination through the Events Coordinator board position
  • Oversees the provincial cycling team
  • Hosting and organizing of annual awards banquet, including medals
  • Provision of race kit and race organizers guide
  • Support 4 Sport sports awards nomination process
  • Race results reporting for every CNS sanctioned event, usually within 24 hours
  • Athlete development to encourage new entrants on the race scene
  • Organization and support for Commissionaires courses

Investment in safe bicycling infrastructure

Blue Route


The Blue Route is a province-wide project to create a continuous network of bicycling infrastructure. By developing safe, well-connected bicycle routes, the Blue Route will make it easier for Nova Scotians to get around the province by bike. The Blue Route will provide easy on-route navigation, provide bikeways, and will help to coordinate infrastructure upgrades on roads, streets, and trails that enhance safety, comfort, and function for people on bicycles. Cycling Nova Scotia is working in partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, municipalities, and community trail builders to develop the Blue Route provincial cycling network. The first section of the Blue Route was designated and signed in 2015 between the Town of Pictou and Truro.

CNS co-chairs the Blue Route Team with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. More details about the Blue Route and its progress can be found here: blueroute.ca




Improvements in planning, public policy and legislation

1-Metre rule (Bill 93)1-MetreRuleMagnetGraphic-Oct2014

Cycling Nova Scotia was a key player in developing the 1-metre rule (Bill 93) that was made into legislation in 2011. This was a major victory in developing safer roads for cyclists.

“The One-Metre Rule is included in new legislation that is designed to encourage safe sharing of Nova Scotia highways by all road users. It means that drivers are required to leave one metre of open space between their vehicle and the cyclist when driving beside, or passing a cyclist. Even if the bicyclist is riding on the edge of the bicycle lane next to the traffic lane, the One-Metre Rule applies.”

Other Work

  • Working with other organizations to update the Traffic Safety Act (formerly the Motor Vehicle Act) to be more inclusive of cycling and other forms of transportation.
  • Supporting the HRM Integrated Mobility Plan
  • Actively contributing to the HRM Active Transportation Plan
  • Working collaboratively with TIR to develop the Blue Route around the province.


Education, Awareness & Health


CAN-BIKE is a Canada-wide safe cycling educational program. There are a series of courses offered, from basic “learn to ride” to advanced multi-day courses, like CAN-BIKE 2, for folks wanting to really hone their knowledge and skills. This program has been instrumental in educating many riders to feel safe and confident on the road, making for a better experience for the rider as well as overall safer roads for all users.

Women on Wheels (WoW)

A program that is designed to get more women active on bicycles in Nova Scotia! The vision is to create and enhance women’s cycling groups that organize rides for women in urban, rural, and semi-rural communities in Nova Scotia. We partner with existing cycling groups, community centres, recreation departments, and libraries, as well as with local bicycle shops.

We want to grow a cycling culture that includes and celebrates women and leads to multi-generational inclusion in community bicycle rides. WoW rides now take place once a week on nearby trails or low traffic roads and focuses on Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.



This is a program designed to increase participation and support of the medical community for bicycling as part of health care and wellness – to address both physical and mental health outcomes. The project goal is for 5 MDs and 30 patients to be participating by the summer of 2016.

To make the program work, doctors would assess the need of a patient to be prescribed exercise, specifically bicycling. They would write out a prescription to ride a bicycle a certain number of minutes or hours a week. They would then direct them to the right place to get that prescription filled, connecting them with the gear and support they need (facilitated through BNS).


Development and maintenance of sustainable mountain biking trails 

Cycling Nova Scotia is becoming increasingly involved with trail development through our Off-Road Advocacy (ORA) sector. Through engagement with government agency partners, landowners, as well as a variety of trail associations,  CNS is helping build a foundation for the development and maintenance of sustainable trails in Nova Scotia.

In April 2016, Cycling Nova Scotia assisted The McIntosh Run Watershed Association in providing a trail building workshop to 14 volunteers. The workshop was attended by individuals who will lead volunteer trail crews in the construction of the new trail to be used for a variety of traffic including bicycles.

Thanks to incredible advocates and volunteers, the McIntosh Run Watershed trail is open for use.



Recreation and Touring

Cycle Nova Scotia Maps

In 2014, with the support of the Nova Scotia Tourism Association (NSTA), Cycling Nova Scotia developed cycling maps to help promote some of the incredible cycling available around Nova Scotia’s regions. The maps are designed to help guide visitors and residents along routes that highlight the beauty of the province while connecting them to the communities that make Nova Scotia what it is.

You can access them here on the CNS website. You can view the maps, download them, and get access to GPS data.

The Blue Route

Although the Blue Route is focusing on infrastructure for active transportation, it is also helping to improve the safety and enjoyment of our roads for all types of cyclists. With the development of the Blue Route, Nova Scotia will be one step further toward being viewed as a world-class cycling destination! Other examples of this type of project, such as the Route Verte in Quebec, have shown that when the infrastructure is there and can be actively promoted, there is a noticeable increase in tourism and use by all types of cyclists.

Handling requests from Tourists

Our organization often gets requests from people all around the country and the world. We are seen as the go to for what is happening in cycling in Nova Scotia. Through our website and our social media platforms, the CNS board responds to all of the questions, aiming to provide the most accurate and relevant information.

In 2019, CNS released Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia —the definitive cycling guidebook for Nova Scotia. Written by Adam Barnett, the guidebook is a crowdsourced list of over 100 scenic rides that are sure to satisfy the cycling adventurer whether they’re from Nova Scotia or abroad. With a large fold-out map and turn-by-turn directions, the guidebook is a major resource for anyone looking to add some two-wheeled fun to their Nova Scotia adventure, or plan their epic summer tour!

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