Women on Wheels Cycling Club

Ride, Laugh, Repeat!

Join the Ride, Feel the Joy!

Welcome to the Women on Wheels Provincial Cycling Club, where we pedal together towards empowerment and adventure!

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded women who share your passion for cycling. Say goodbye to lonely rides and hello to new friendships that will last a lifetime.

Unlock your full potential both physically and mentally as you build strength, stamina, and improve your cycling abilities. Feel the rush of endorphins as you conquer new challenges on two wheels.

Discover the world in a whole new way as you explore breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems in your local area. Get ready for unforgettable adventures that will leave you breathless.

Boost your self-confidence as you master a new skill – cycling! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our club offers support and guidance every step of the way.

“I hadn’t been on a bike since I was a little girl. I was so nervous to try again, but the ride leader and other group members made me feel like I could do anything and now riding my bike is the highlight of my week!”

– Deborah M. (WoW Member)

Join the Club!

Women on Wheels Cycling Club enjoys one of the most vibrant and fun memberships of any club in Nova Scotia! Join WoW and enjoy the benefits –

  • Ride with a trained and knowledgeable ride leader,
  • Join any chapter’s ride within the province,
  • Participate in over a dozen seasonal rides (from beginner – advanced),
  • Connect with like-minded women,
  • Receive membership discounts to WoW events,
  • Take part in cycling safety workshops, bike maintenance clinics, and more,
  • Support one of Nova Scotia’s leading voices in cycling advocacy!
Register now!

2024 Registration Info

Your membership fee supports a significant initiative the Club is making towards safer and more enjoyable club rides at all levels. This investment includes increasing and standardizing Ride Leader training and ride protocols and procedures, safe cycling clinics, and overall support for WoW members throughout the province.

The cost of a Women on Wheels Cycling Club Membership INCLUDES the mandatory Cycling Nova Scotia Insurance.

New this year, WoW registration MUST be completed online. Each membership is valid for 12-months from the date of registration and will automatically renew each year on the anniversary date. As online registration is done through a 3rd party (CCNbikes.com), a small administration fee will be charged on all memberships.

Membership cards will be emailed to you as a PDF file once your payment has been processed. Please print off and carry your membership card during all WoW Rides as it provides proof of membership and important safety information.

Remember, participation in any club ride requires an active membership. Prior to any club ride, members may be asked by Ride Leaders or other WoW Representatives to provide proof of membership.

If you do not want to purchase a full 12-month membership, you can purchase a one-event pass for each ride that you participate in.

2024 FEES

We have 2 registration options for the WoW membership.

GENERAL (12-Months)

Membership $50


ONE-EVENT (Per ride)

Single event $10

*The one-event pass provides mandatory provincial insurance for the rider to join a single ride.

Women on Wheels Nova Scotia


Current WoW Chapters

Interested in organizing a WoW ride in your area?

WoW Ride Organizer Responsibilities

  • Select a weekly/monthly date and time for your ride
  • Plan routes
  • Promote your events
  • Keep in touch with riders

Benefits of being a WoW Ride Organizer

  • CAN-BIKE training
  • First aid training
  • Free membership to Cycling (includes rider insurance and discounts at bike shops)
  • Build skills and experience with event planning, communications, and leadership
  • Make new friends and foster connections!

Contact Jess at [email protected] for more details!

Join our information session on Thursday, May 30th at 7:00pm to learn about what’s involved, training, the benefits and more!

This will be a virtual event held on Teams. You can join the session by clicking the button below.

If you are having trouble with the link, please contact Jess at [email protected]

Click here to join the info session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are E-bikes allowed?

Yes, E-bikes are welcome!

Is there a fee to join?

A Cycling Nova Scotia (CNS) membership is required. The $50/year CNS membership provides rider insurance across Canada, discounts to local bike shops, entrance to the Women on Wheels club, and more! 

Sign up for CNS membership here!

If you aren’t ready to commit you can pay $10/ride for a one-event pass to try a ride! This provides the mandatory provincial insurance for a single ride.

I’m a Cycling NS member. Does this automatically include the WoW membership?

Yes! Now you can check out our Facebook, Instagram, or website to find a ride in your area!

I can't find a ride in my area. What should I do?

You should start one! We’ll help you!

Check out our website for more information about the ride organizer responsibilites and benefits!

Contact Jess at [email protected] to get started!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been on a bike. I’m worried about getting left behind.

All of our rides follow a “No Woman Left Behind” rule! Most focus on beginner levels.

You are always welcome to reach out to the ride organizer in advance to introduce yourself!

Do I have to commit to going to the same ride every week?

Nope! Once you have a Cycling NS membership you become a Women on Wheels member and can join any WoW ride in Nova Scotia whenever, wherever! You don’t have to register for a specific ride.

Is the start location always the same or does it change?

The location for the rides may change and there will be some that are cycled on more than once.

You can join the Facebook group for your area, titled Wow Cycling Club – [location], to be notified of ride locations.

You can also reach out to the ride organizer and ask where they’ll be meeting each week!

What does Women+ mean?

🏳️‍🌈 Our rides are open to women-identifying, non-binary, and gender non-confirming individuals.

Still have questions? Email Jess at [email protected]!

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