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Cycling Nova Scotia has a long history of providing insurance coverage for CNS members, which is one of the major benefits of CNS membership. Over the years, we have built our insurance policies to ensure we are providing the best possible coverage for our members, whether they are riding with an associated club or on their own. 

Since 2018, we have offered Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage to our members on all their rides – whenever and wherever! Members are covered on all rides within Canada: whether training, touring, commuting, or otherwise. We hope that this provides some comfort while riding roads and trails in Nova Scotia.

Who’s covered?

All CNS memberships carry this coverage. Participating Associated Clubs can also buy in to provide coverage for their members. One Event Memberships (OEMs) are available for events and races and cover non-members for the duration of a single event. OEMs do not provide AD&D Coverage for the event.

Why do CNS members need insurance?

A person who has paid for insurance receives coverage when they have injured themselves on a causal ride, during their commute, while training or in competition. Pretty much any time you ride your bike! The insurance policy purchased by CNS provides coverage for fractures, physio, and lost wages depending on the scenario. Check out the Incident Scenarios section below to read some examples. The costs recovered from insurance coverage when an incident has occurred will reduce the financial burden on the member. 

Disclaimer: The actual policy(ies), including any endorsements, determines coverage. The policy contains terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and other provisions not referenced (or only briefly summarized here). 

FAQ for CNS General Members

What are the insurance fees for General Members? 

Insurance coverage costs are built into the membership fee for General Members of CNS. 

Are there any coverage restrictions? 

Yes, the following restrictions apply:

  • Activity: Only cycling activities are covered. 
  • Geographic: Only cycling activities in Canada are covered. 
  • Age Restrictions: Only cyclists 80 years of age and younger are eligible for AD&D coverage. 

Can CNS members opt out of insurance coverage? 

No. Individual members who join CNS are required to be part of our insurance program; we have worked hard to make this a key benefit of CNS membership. 

Will this act as a primary or secondary insurance policy for members?

For members who already have AD&D coverage through personal insurance, this will act as a secondary policy and cover any gaps in coverage. For members without an existing AD&D policy, this will act as a primary insurance policy. 

Can I ride on a club ride if I am a General CNS member but not a member of the Affiliated or Associated Club? 

This is at the discretion of the club. Generally, clubs will require you to become a club member. To participate in club events, most clubs are happy to let new riders try out a ride to ensure that the club is a good fit before the rider joins the club. CNS recommends that you contact the club prior to the ride to discuss the ride with the potential rider. 

If I have a General Membership, do I need to pay the insurance premium again when I join an Affiliated or Associated Club? 

No. Members are only required to pay the insurance fee once. 

If a CNS member is injured, what is the process for making an insurance claim? 

Contact CNS and we will call to submit claims directly to the insurer. Our Administrator will then contact Marsh Canada, the insurance broker, to notify them about the claim.

Does the insurance policy cover damages to my bicycle and bicycle accessories? 

No. The insurance policy only covers injuries, not private property damages. 

FAQ for CNS Insured Clubs

Coverage for Cycling NS Insured Clubs

Insured Clubs benefit from registering with CNS by having our liability coverage extend to regular training rides, larger group events, or race events. CNS can handle member registration for Insured Clubs and can even charge club fees that are remitted to the club on a quarterly basis.

In order to extend CNS’s liability coverage, all Insured Club members must be CNS members.

Incident Scenarios

CNS has worked with our insurance broker (Marsh Canada) to add to the insurance we offer and we are thrilled to be able to provide additional coverage to all of our members – no matter where, when, or how you bicycle. 

Here are some examples of injuries that might happen while cycling and explanations on how our insurance will benefit CNS members. 

Scenario 1: An employed mother of 2 was hit while on a recreational cycling trip in British Columbia. She has three broken vertebrae and a broken leg and will not be able to return to work for 6 months. In this case, our insurance would cover: 

  • Fracture benefits for broken leg: $1000 
  • Reimbursement for physio expenses up to: $3000
  • Weekly expense reimbursements to cover lost wages, to a total of: $2400 

Scenario 2: A retired government employee is commuting to a volunteer position. He has no dependents and is on a government pension plan, getting the Canada Pension Plan and on Old Age Security. He was hit by a car on the way and continues to have back and shoulder pain. Our insurance would cover: 

  • Reimbursement for physio expenses up to: $3000 

Scenario 3: An 18-year-old student was cycling to her part-time job and hit a pothole. She had several injuries that preclude her from being part of her studies for a year. Our insurance would cover: 

  • Reimbursement for physio expenses up to: $3000 
  • Tuition expense benefit up to: $3000 
  • Weekly expense reimbursements to cover lost wages: $100/week 

Scenario 4: An entrepreneur running their own business is on a training ride with friends when their tire explodes. They have a severe concussion and a broken wrist and it is unclear when they will return to work. Our insurance would cover: 

  • Fracture benefits since she broke her wrist: $1000 
  • Reimbursement for physio expenses up to: $3000 
  • Weekly expense reimbursements to cover lost wages: $100/week 

Additional Information 

  • For scenarios involving two people, the coverage would be related to the negligence of a person causing the event.
  • The policy only covers activities for people cycling. They can participate in unsanctioned rides, but not other non-cycling related activities.
  • The AD&D policy would come into play after other personal insurance policy coverage is used (for example, medical). 
  • The policy outlines specific details including costs, which will not be provided until the policy is sent to the CNS Administrator. 
  • Physio coverages mentioned above are in relation to rehabilitating the injuries party to be able to return to work as soon as possible. Depending on your employment status, physio coverage may vary from the max amounts listed above.
AD&D Insurance: Summary of Coverages

To read more about the Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage, you can review our Summary for Coverages by clicking here (PDF file attached).

For more information

Please contact our Executive Director, Mike Todd, at [email protected] or call 902 377 2960, if you have any questions.

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