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Mountain Biking and Trails

Cycling Nova Scotia is a proud supporter of trails all around NS which are developed and maintained by countless volunteers, community groups and trail associations.  Mountain Biking has seen huge growth in the past number of years, as has the development of more trail systems to enjoy across NS.
Cycling NS is taking a proactive role in the growth and development of Mountain Biking.  New in 2024, we have set up the Cycling NS Mountain Bike Trail Fund which will offer grants to Trail Associations to access funds to develop new and expand existing trail so cyclists will have more trail to ride.  The application period for this grant will be open from mid January to end of March annually.
As well, Cycling NS has developed (and will continue to expand) trails at “The Farm” at Top Sail Lake.  These trails are located in Dartmouth/Cole Harbor area and are fun singletrack through the woods.  Expect roots and rocks on these green and blue trails.  This will be fun for the whole family of Mountain Bikers and the trails are open to you as long as you are a member of Cycling NS.  For more information, please contact [email protected]
In addition to Cycling NS initiatives to drive Mountain Biking, we also have so many amazing groups and partners who are changing the landscape of trail development in NS and growing the sport in the process.  Below is a list of trail systems which you may be interested in checking out.  (If you don’t see your trails on the list and want to add them, please reach out to [email protected]).
Keppoch Mountain in Antigonish. MTB riders can enjoy 15KM of technical single track, 10K of wide double-track, nine downhill areas and a kids/learning zone. Definitely an exciting site to check out!
the Gorge —a 64.5 acre natural woodland that has been used in the 2023 and 2024 National Mountain Bike Championships. With a series of beginner and advanced trails to follow, the Gorge is the perfect summer and weekend venue for beginner and expert MTB riders alike!
AVMBA Trails–  The Valley is growing it’s trail system.  The gorge is a great starting point but there is so much more to explore.  Check out new trail on Trail Forks which is continuing to grow!  Flow trail, tech, super fun riding.  Check it out.
Truro also hosts a stellar MTB venue quite close to downtown. Found in Victoria Park, the Railyard contains 40km of bike trails that caters to skill levels ranging from beginner to “Extreme”. Aside from the trails criss-crossing the park, the Railyard also has a skills park where new riders can hone their skills.
Gore– This trail system in Gore, NS has see a large injection of excitement and development over the past few years.  The trails are flowing, fun and will leave you with a big smile on your face.  You can’t go wrong when you visit Gore for a rip.
Wentworth-  Wentworth Valley is host to some of the best enduro/downhill trails in the province.  With machine built berms and gnarly blacks, Wentworth has something for all ages and abilities.  And now, in 2024, lift access is coming for the first time in NS.  If you don’t like the climb, the lift will give you the helping hand you need to make sure you can still rip down the hill with adrenaline pumping through your veins.  It’s always a good day riding Wentworth!
Macintosh Run–  Granite Paradise.  These trails are unlike anything you have seen.  Big slabs of granite make for amazing year round riding.  Over the past few years, the trails have developed and added in many green beginner trails in addition to the blue and black intermediate and expert trails that already exist.  Mac Run is a must on your MTB to do list, with fun, flowy lines and tech aplenty.
There are more MTB trails to discover in Nova Scotia. If you’d like more information about access to protected areas, or you would like to know more about MTB competition in Nova Scotia, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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