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Meet Cycling Nova Scotia’s Active Transportation Coordinator: Holly Foxall!

Holly joined Cycling Nova Scotia as Active Transportation Coordinator in January 2024, and will be working on active transportation research, gathering data on AT readiness, planning the annual Bike Summit, and engaging communities in cycling throughout the province. You’ll also see Holly playing a role in supporting Cycling Nova Scotia’s advocacy work at a community level throughout the province. Holly is excited to use her background in non-profit advocacy, education, and community engagement to promote Active Transportation in Nova Scotia!   We asked Holly some questions about cycling to get to know her better.   What kind of bike do you ride? I’ve accumulated a number of bikes in recent years! The bike I’ve had the longest is a purple Butterfield and Robinson bike ...

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Dear: Government of Nova Scotia

The Provincial government has called on Nova Scotians to share ideas for the upcoming 2024-25 budget. This is a fantastic opportunity to let the government know how important active transportation is for Nova Scotians' health, affordability, environment, and local economy. Physical inactivity accounts for $3.9 billion of annual health care expenditures in Canada. Investments in active transportation work to reduce the economic burden of physical inactivity in Nova Scotia. Additionally, transportation accounts for roughly one third of Nova Scotia's greenhouse gas emissions and is the only major emissions sector where emissions are not declining or expected to soon decline substantially. Investment in active transportation networks is a tangible way to turn that statistic around. Here at Cycling Nova Scotia, we’re asking ...

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End of November Update

A Month of Community Engagement Reflecting on a bustling month, CNS' Active Transportation Team is thrilled to share the highlights of our journey through West Hants, Wagmatcook, and Victoria County. Survey Insights In West Hants and Wagmatcook, our survey results for the Core AT Projects are now available on our Core AT Partner page. These insights are instrumental in shaping fair design interventions for our AT networks, ensuring that the diverse voices of residents are heard before finalizing plans, drawings, and costing. Ground-Level Engagement in Cape Breton Further Engagement took us back to Cape Breton, where we conducted a community walkaround with the Wagmatcook MPAL. This set the stage for our upcoming December meeting with the Wagmatcook AT committee, which will mark the finalization ...

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Core AT Network Update

CNS Core AT Project Update: Building Safer Communities  As we approach the end of 2023, the Core Active Transportation team at CNS is proud to announce progress in several Nova Scotia communities. Engaging Communities through Feedback Surveys Exciting strides have been made in developing visual guides for community feedback surveys in West Hants (Windsor) and Wagmatcook. These surveys play a crucial role in understanding the needs and preferences of residents, aiding us in tailoring our projects to align with the community's expectations. The two community partners are expected to receive comprehensive engagement reports by the end of November, providing valuable insights for refining our design strategies and implementation. Annapolis Royal's Progress in Concept Design The town of Annapolis Royal has reached its final stages ...

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New Blue Route Open- Pugwash to Wallace!

  Cycling Nova Scotia, together with The Provincial Department of Public Works and the Municipality of Cumberland, are excited to announce the opening of a new section of the Blue Route from Pugwash to Wallace along Gulf Shore and Ferry Roads!  The Blue Route is a province-wide project to create a continuous 3,000km network of cycling infrastructure. By developing safe, well-connected cycling routes, the Blue Route will make it easier for Nova Scotians to get around the province by bike.  Route selection was based on the planning priorities such as connecting communities and destinations, availability and accessibility of services along the route, scenic views, incorporating existing routes, coordination with local and regional plans such as active transportation plans, existing conditions or feasibility ...

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Reasons to Ride

Riding a cycle can have many more benefits than you may think! From being cost-efficient to improving your sleep, cycling has many perks. We’ve compiled four reasons why you should cycle more.   Health  Cycling is an easy way to bring physical activity into your daily life. Riding a cycle has been shown to build strength, build endurance and stamina, increase flexibility, and improve coordination. Cycling is a low-impact exercise which causes less strain than other sports. This makes it a good activity for all ability levels.  Cycling can also improve your sleep. Regular exercise improves sleep duration and quality, letting you sleep at night. Getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of health because it improves your overall mood, health, ...

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