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Cycling Safety

Do you know how to be safe while cycling? This post is all about cycling safety, signals, and bike helmets. Keeping yourself safe is one of the most important aspects of cycling. Being safe while riding minimizes the risk of injuries, collisions, and damages. In this post, we have grouped together 3 areas of safety. Keep reading for information about general cycling safety, signals, and helmets. SEE, BE SEEN, AND BE PREDICTABLE Three things to keep in mind when cycling are: see, be seen, and be predictable. Here’s how these keep you safe.  SEE Make sure you’re able to see your surroundings. Good visibility is important to ensure you can recognize and avoid safety hazards. Wear sunglasses on bright sunny days. Turn on ...

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Meet The Summer Interns!

Welcome to Cycling Nova Scotia, Delphi Le Blanc & Luna Pryor! Delphi Le Blanc (she/her) is a 4th year Dalhousie student majoring in German and Environment, Sustainability, and Society (ESS). She is thrilled to be interning at Cycling Nova Scotia for the summer and feels particularly lucky to be working in Active Transportation (AT). Delphi is passionate about combining sustainability with community. Connecting people together is one of her main interests. Delphi is excited to learn more about AT in Nova Scotia and to connect with change makers. She hopes to gain more experience with AT and how to implement positive change. Delphi plans on continuing her studies post-grad to look deeper at fostering communities to build resilience against the ...

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What We Heard: Thanks For Sharing!

The Provincial government has made an exciting (generational and unprecedented!) commitment for an Active Transportation (AT) Strategy for the province of Nova Scotia. Cycling Nova Scotia sees the Provincial AT Strategy as an opportunity to ensure that past investments in active transportation are met with future ambition and vision. Cycling Nova Scotia is being consulted by the government on the AT Strategy and we recently reached out to gather your thoughts on how you believe active transportation should look in Nova Scotia. You shouted from the rooftops! (Metaphorically, of course), but the response was quite impressive! We heard from Nova Scotians all around the province. From small rural towns, to the urban HRM, we heard from 136 of you; many representing organizations ...

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Cycling Nova Scotia would love to hear your thoughts on active transportation in NS!

  The Provincial government has made an exciting (generational and unprecedented!) commitment for an Active Transportation (AT) Strategy for the province of Nova Scotia. An active transportation strategy sets out ways to ensure better options for active transportation including things such as walking, cycling, and rolling. Active transportation improves our health and well-being while also getting us from point A to B. It is vital to our economy and tourism sectors and plays an essential role in connected and consistent multi-modal transportation systems that support more equitable, vibrant, livable communities. Increases in active transportation reduce healthcare costs, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve air quality. Cycling Nova Scotia sees the Provincial AT Strategy as an opportunity to ensure that past ...

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HUBS’ name is Changing: Welcome to the CORE AT NETWORKS PROJECT!

Our HUBS project is changing. But don’t worry- it’s just a name change!  Welcome to the Core AT Networks Project. “AT” as in active transportation. Bicycle Nova Scotia has chosen the name change to better align with Goal 9(b) of Nova Scotia’s Bill 57, the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act, an ambitious and important goal to complete core active transportation networks that are accessible for all ages and all abilities in 65% of the Province's communities by 2030 (exciting, right?!). Our Core AT Networks project is helping many municipalities across the province reach that exact goal by developing active transportation network plans that contribute to a more equitable, healthy, and sustainable future for residents. For the Core AT Project, ...

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Meet Bicycle Nova Scotia’s Executive Director: Mike Todd!

Meet Bicycle Nova Scotia's first ever Executive Director!     Mike Todd is the Executive Director at Bicycle Nova Scotia.  Mike studied Kinesiology at Dalhousie University and went on to coach High Performance Sailing for many years.  Some of his accomplishments were Sport NS Coach of the Year, obtaining a diploma from the National Coaching Institute, coaching an athlete that won 2 Youth World Championships and numerous athletes who won countless National and North American Youth and senior championships.   Over the years, Mike has also worked within both the non-profit and entrepreneur communities and the lessons learned in these experiences have helped shape his ability to work with BNS to help drive the organization forward.   In his free time, Mike enjoys family time with ...

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