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Canada Games Selection Criteria

Canada Games 2025 in Newfoundland is coming up next year and Cycling NS is ready to send another amazing team in search of medals. To select the best team possible, we have created a selection criteria for athletes to follow in their goal of being selected.  Please read and reach out to our coaches if there are any questions you may have.  Our goal is to ensure we have the best team attend the Games while making the selection process transparent and fair. Selection Criteria can be found here:  MTB: 2025 Canada Games Selection Criteria Mountain.pdf Road: 2025 Canada Games Selection Criteria Road.pdf Good luck to all athletes vying for a spot on the team. Cycling ...

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Cycling NS Mountain Bike Trail Fund

Cycling Nova Scotia is proud to announce the Mountain Bike Trail Fund. The Cycling NS Mountain Bike Trail Fund has been established to help develop Mountain Bike trails throughout Nova Scotia.  With the generous donations from our members, our goal is to expand trail systems in all regions of the province.     In the past, Cycling NS has supported projects such as Wentworth Mountain Bike Association and Macintosh Run Trail Association and the soon to be established Top Sail Lake development in Dartmouth through the trail fund.   This grant has been created specifically to develop new trails and support trail associations looking to establish themselves in their region.  Grant amounts will range from $500 to $2500 depending on the scope and cost ...

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Dear: Government of Nova Scotia

The Provincial government has called on Nova Scotians to share ideas for the upcoming 2024-25 budget. This is a fantastic opportunity to let the government know how important active transportation is for Nova Scotians' health, affordability, environment, and local economy. Physical inactivity accounts for $3.9 billion of annual health care expenditures in Canada. Investments in active transportation work to reduce the economic burden of physical inactivity in Nova Scotia. Additionally, transportation accounts for roughly one third of Nova Scotia's greenhouse gas emissions and is the only major emissions sector where emissions are not declining or expected to soon decline substantially. Investment in active transportation networks is a tangible way to turn that statistic around. Here at Cycling Nova Scotia, we’re asking ...

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Reasons to Ride

Riding a cycle can have many more benefits than you may think! From being cost-efficient to improving your sleep, cycling has many perks. We’ve compiled four reasons why you should cycle more.   Health  Cycling is an easy way to bring physical activity into your daily life. Riding a cycle has been shown to build strength, build endurance and stamina, increase flexibility, and improve coordination. Cycling is a low-impact exercise which causes less strain than other sports. This makes it a good activity for all ability levels.  Cycling can also improve your sleep. Regular exercise improves sleep duration and quality, letting you sleep at night. Getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of health because it improves your overall mood, health, ...

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2023/2024 Core AT Networks Project Partner Applications Open Now!

Become a Core AT (Active Transportation) Networks Project Partner!  Applications are open for 2023/2024 projects! Improvement plans for walking, rolling, and cycling infrastructure can begin as early as this fall! Core AT Network Project plans come at no cost to communities. Blue Route is funded by the Provincial and Federal Governments.  The Core AT Networks Project aims to help Nova Scotia towns, municipalities, and Mi’kmaq communities build AT networks that reduce traffic stress and risk for riders of all ages and people with disabilities by preparing active transportation network plans designed for near-term implementation. We help communities make walking, rolling, and cycling an attractive transportation choice by recommending changes to the built environment that incorporate best practices in active transportation planning ...

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