CNS Core AT Project Update: Building Safer Communities 

As we approach the end of 2023, the Core Active Transportation team at CNS is proud to announce progress in several Nova Scotia communities.

Engaging Communities through Feedback Surveys

Exciting strides have been made in developing visual guides for community feedback surveys in West Hants (Windsor) and Wagmatcook. These surveys play a crucial role in understanding the needs and preferences of residents, aiding us in tailoring our projects to align with the community’s expectations. The two community partners are expected to receive comprehensive engagement reports by the end of November, providing valuable insights for refining our design strategies and implementation.

Annapolis Royal’s Progress in Concept Design

The town of Annapolis Royal has reached its final stages in the concept design phase. We eagerly anticipate the cost estimates from our esteemed engineering partner, WSP, which will help solidify our plans for implementing the proposed designs.

Continued Engagement in Baddeck, Victoria County

In line with our commitment to engaging with communities, we are thrilled to announce that the Core AT team is gearing up for the second round of public engagement in Baddeck, scheduled for mid to late November. This initiative, part of our ongoing efforts in Victoria County, aims to gather valuable feedback from residents and stakeholders to ensure that our projects meet the diverse needs of the local community. We encourage all residents to actively participate in developing a more cycling-friendly environment in Victoria County.

Join Us in Building a More Cycling-Friendly Community: 2024/2025 Community Partnerships Open!

We’re excited to announce that we still have openings for new community partnerships in 2024/2025! If your community is passionate about fostering cycling infrastructure and promoting active transportation, we want to collaborate with you.

Our team is dedicated to helping communities of all sizes build safe and accessible cycling routes. Partner with us to access our resources and expertise, tailored to bring your vision to life.

Together, let’s create a healthier, more sustainable Nova Scotia. Reach out to us now to be a part of our network, dedicated to making active transportation a central part of our communities.