With the number of cranes in our downtown core, it’s clear that Halifax is continuing to go vertical. As we increase population density on the peninsula, however, we need to look for ways to reduce congestion and minimize strain on parking availability on the peninsula. Recognizing this, developers have begun accommodating cyclists by providing safe, secure parking for tenants and access to bicycle repair and wash stations. In order to put a spotlight on larger developments that cater to cyclists, Bicycle Nova Scotia has launched its Bike Friendly Residence Certification as part of its Bike Friendly Certification Program.

Bike Friendly Residence Certification is part of a free program that serves as a guide to building developers –teaching them what amenities riders look for to support their active lifestyle. It also highlights Bike Friendly Residences on a publicly available network map available at bikefriendlyns.ca.

Velo Apartments on Gottingen St was quick to join the network last fall. “Bicycles are an integral part of our building,” notes Joan Mahar, Resident Manager at Velo. Joan notes promoting use of the bicycle by providing amenities at home can reduce reliance on vehicles as a main form of transportation. The Junction on Barrington St –another new development under construction in the North End– has also joined the network and notes one of the best ways to provide a great work-life balance among their Navy and dockyard tenants is to make cycling the easy answer. Lisa Metlej, Leasing Agent for the Junction notes that when construction is complete, the complex will provide safe, indoor parking for 50 bicycles as well as a repair station and cleaning station.

As the Bike Friendly Certification Program grows, Bicycle Nova Scotia is eager to work with developers, workplaces and residences to teach them that it doesn’t take much to accommodating cycling throughout the province. Visit bikefriendlyns.ca to find out how to join the Bike Friendly Network today!