The Provincial government has called on Nova Scotians to share ideas for the upcoming 2024-25 budget. This is a fantastic opportunity to let the government know how important active transportation is for Nova Scotians’ health, affordability, environment, and local economy.

Physical inactivity accounts for $3.9 billion of annual health care expenditures in Canada. Investments in active transportation work to reduce the economic burden of physical inactivity in Nova Scotia. Additionally, transportation accounts for roughly one third of Nova Scotia’s greenhouse gas emissions and is the only major emissions sector where emissions are not declining or expected to soon decline substantially. Investment in active transportation networks is a tangible way to turn that statistic around.

Here at Cycling Nova Scotia, we’re asking the government for 10% of the annual transportation budget to go toward active transportation.

We’re calling on all those who cycle, walk, and roll, to take a few moments to send emails to [email protected] requesting support for active transportation initiatives and infrastructure throughout the province. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A minimum of 10% of the annual transportation budget be allocated to active transportation.
  • Investment in the Blue Route cycling network, a province-wide project to create a 3,000km continuous network of cycling infrastructure. By developing safe, well-connected cycle routes, the Blue Route will make it easier for Nova Scotians to get around the province by bike. The Blue Route is made up of many cycling facility types such as shared roads, paved shoulders, protected lanes, multi-use pathways, and trails.
  • Support for an active transportation plan for every municipality and First Nation in the Province.
  • Support for more protected cycling facilities, paved shoulders, safer infrastructure and more support for trail building and maintenance.
  • Investment in bike share programs.
  • Safer AT infrastructure for children and youth to get to school.
  • Connected infrastructure across communities.

The more letters sent, the louder the message of the importance of active transportation!

You can submit suggestions by email at [email protected]. You can also mail submissions to the Department of Finance and Treasury Board or send them to your MLA. More information is available at:

The deadline for submissions is January 26, 2024.