Welcome to Cycling Nova Scotia, Delphi Le Blanc & Luna Pryor!

Delphi Le Blanc (she/her) is a 4th year Dalhousie student majoring in German and Environment, Sustainability, and Society (ESS). She is thrilled to be interning at Cycling Nova Scotia for the summer and feels particularly lucky to be working in Active Transportation (AT). Delphi is passionate about combining sustainability with community. Connecting people together is one of her main interests. Delphi is excited to learn more about AT in Nova Scotia and to connect with change makers. She hopes to gain more experience with AT and how to implement positive change. Delphi plans on continuing her studies post-grad to look deeper at fostering communities to build resilience against the effects of climate change. 

Luna Pryor (she/her) is in her 4th year at Dalhousie University studying community design. She is used to working with policies and bylaws in a classroom setting and is excited to get out into the community and see change in action during her time at Cycling Nova Scotia. Luna is especially interested in transportation planning and reducing car-dependency. She is looking forward to extending her knowledge of AT and connectivity in the province through the work she does this summer. Luna plans on writing her honours thesis this fall on how to prioritize AT and public transportation to help foster healthier communities.


What is your cycling origin story? 

Delphi: I started biking as young as possible! My parents were always avid bikers and made sure I would be too. As a baby, I would be buckled into a bike trailer and pulled all over town. Growing up, my family relied on cycling as our main form of transportation. I come from a large family with only one car so we needed to get creative. I truly biked everywhere from soccer practice to the dentist. 

Luna: I was a zoomer as a kid. I had a pink bike with streamers on the handles and my favourite thing was to see them blow through the wind. My grandparents would take me to a park near their house, they would walk and I’d ride my bike. They were always having to reel me in because I would bike as fast as I could.


What is your favourite bike ride? 

Delphi: One of my favourite places to bike around is my hometown, Ottawa. In particular, along the Rideau Canal and through the Arboretum is always beautiful. That area is constantly busy with people cycling, running, playing, and rollerblading so it’s a really fun place to be. The only problem is that there are a ton of geese to avoid. 

Luna: Last summer I biked to Shubie Park in Dartmouth with some friends of mine. Cycling around Shubie Park was gorgeous; the weather was perfect and we had clear blue skies. When we stopped for lunch at one of the picnic tables, a bunch of ducks swam up from the river and took a nap right in front of us (ducks are one of my favourite animals so I was very excited). After lunch, I made my friends walk quietly away with our bikes before we hopped back on them because I didn’t want to scare the ducks.


What is a fun fact about yourself?

Delphi: I love to cook! I almost never follow recipes or measure, so everything I make is slightly different the next time. My favourite thing to cook is mushroom risotto which takes a ridiculous amount of time to make. It’s the perfect way to kill some time. 

Luna: I’m a big puzzler. My grandparents have a huge puzzle collection and always have a puzzle on the go. I’ve been helping them put pieces in for as long as I can remember. It’s continued to be a main hobby of mine to this day. I now have my own collection and most of the shelf in my closet is piled to the ceiling with puzzles. 


Thanks for reading all about us! We’re so excited to be here all summer. We can’t wait to see you at community rides and other Cycling Nova Scotia events!