Hello to all! 

My name is Calvin Cameron, a fourth year undergraduate Environmental Science and Sustainability student at Dalhousie University. I have alwayscarried a strong interest in cycling in all its forms. From growing up mountain biking back home in Maine, USA, to road biking for transport around Halifax, I have been inspired to spread ideas on how to make this option of transport known and accessible as a physically, mentally, economically, and environmentally beneficial activity. 

This interest has led me to see where I can assist the wonderful work of Bicycle Nova Scotia. This past fall, I’ve been volunteering to help pull together information to showcase the wide range of riding possibilities Nova Scotia has to offer. Bicycle Nova Scotia has helped to build a strong culture of recreational, utility and competitive cycling across the province. Much of which has been illustrated through their  ‘Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia Guidebook’ to further encourage accessible cycling opportunities. Through a series of blogs, I have aimed to make their amazing work readily available to cyclists of all age and ability levels across all regions of the province. 

Especially as we are living through an extremely hectic and stressful period with the COVID-19 era, now more than ever, we all need ways in which to engage in activity that allows us a release in the outdoors. With our lives being shifted indoors, finding ways to safely access our natural environment with friends and family is integral to our well-being.

The articles I’ve compiled are set out to give suggestions, provide context, and offer ideas for how to best take advantage of the vast and ever-growing bicycle infrastructure across Nova Scotia. Above all, we at Bicycle Nova Scotia want these routes to be used by everyone. Therefore, the blogs are short and easily-digestible for quick and easy planning. 

Whether you are looking for ways to get out riding with your kids, go for a long and nature-filled ride with your friends, or need some tips on how to commute/ plan your next trip, these blogs will hopefully give you the knowledge to make your cycling experience a tad bit better. 

I hope you enjoy and happy riding! 



Calvin Cameron

I am a fourth year Environmental Science student at Dalhousie University. My passions are surfing, skiing, skateboarding and of course, cycling! It was been my pleasure to work for BNS this fall writing blog postings in efforts to outline Nova Scotia’s amazing trail infrastructure. I hope that this work will make it that much easier for cyclists of all backgrounds and abilities to find the route that gets them out and enjoying this beautiful province.


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