CNS Race Calendar

2024 Race Season is on!  The Big, Dirty Gravel Grind (Wentworth, NS) is now open to register:  Click here

Canadian Championships XCO, XXC and Relay is now open to register:  Click here

Riverport Road Race is now open to register:  Click here


For more information on the 2024 season, please see the Facebook group, Cycling Nova Scotia Racing Scene. You can also follow our main CNS Facebook account.

For additional questions or comments, please contact us through [email protected]

Cycling Canada

Check out the Cycling Canada schedule for upcoming national races and events.

What license should I choose?

CNS offers both UCI Racing Licenses and Provincial Racing Licences. There is no discount if you carry a Provincial Licence and you want to upgrade to a UCI License.

Provincial Race Licenses allow you to race in CNS Sanctioned Events in Nova Scotia without having to pay a One Event Membership fee.

UCI Racing Licenses allow users to race in events held both within and outside of Nova Scotia.

Both licenses carry CNS’s Rider Insurance which covers our members in case of accident or injury. You will also receive a CNS Membership Card. CNS members enjoy many benefits and discount for being a member.  Check out our Member Benefit Package and make sure you show your CNS member card while making a purchase.

For more information about racing in Nova Scotia, please contact [email protected]

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