Hollis Street Bicycle Lane Update


Final details are being formalized as the municipality prepares for the installation of a much-anticipated bicycle lane along Hollis Street. Residents are invited to drop in and discuss the new proposal with city staff at an open house on Thursday, April 30 2015 from 12-2 p.m. and 4-6 p.m. at 1546 Barrington Street, Suite 104 (Downtown Halifax Business Commission).

Public consultation took place last summer on the proposed bicycle lane and several good suggestions were provided to municipal staff. Many of those suggestions are being incorporated into the final design. Those suggestions include:


  • The bicycle lane is now proposed to be on the left (east) side of Hollis Street and will include a 0.6m (2-foot) painted buffer area between the bicycle lane and the vehicle lane.
  • There will be no stopping proposed in the bicycle lane during peak hours (7-9 a.m., and 4-6 p.m.)
  • Most parking meters on the right (west) side of the street are proposed to remain and some may be added. Existing accessible parking spaces on the right side of Hollis Street would also remain.
  • There is proposed to be a new stop sign on Hollis Street at Terminal Road, which would help with traffic control for cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.
  • There are proposed to be some pavement improvements along the bicycle lane, as well as at several intersections in conjunction with this project.


The installation of the bicycle lane is subject to approval of the 2015/16 capital budget by Regional Council and if approved, it is anticipated that it would occur in 2015. 

The Hollis and Lower Water Street bicycle lanes were initiated through HRMbyDesign and developed through public consultation as part of the downtown street network changes implemented in 2011. The Hollis Street bicycle lane is the final element of this project.


For more information, visit https://shapeyourcityhalifax.ca