Burgher Hill Jump Line project supported by CCTH

Kentville, NS has become a Mecca for mountain biking in recent years.  With the ever-expanding trail systems in the Gorge and Bird Sanctuary to the rails to trails which connect them, the valley has become synonymous with Cycling.  Now, in 2023, with the Canadian Mountain Bike Nationals coming to town in July, Kentville has upped the game once again.

The development of Burgher Hill, with the support of the Province’s Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage division and Cycling NS, have created a place for mountain bikers to practice and refine their jumping skills, a necessary tool for today’s mountain bike competitor or enthusiast.

CCHT has invested 2 million dollars from the Province will help community groups and others make needed upgrades to recreation facilities that will promote healthy communities and support economic growth.

Forty-six projects are receiving funding through the Recreational Facility Development Grant program and the Rink Revitalization Fund. These funds help community groups, municipalities and other not-for-profit organizations develop and improve facilities to increase participation in sport and recreation.

“Healthy communities are a top priority for this government,” said Pat Dunn, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. “These grants help Nova Scotians to access services and opportunities close to home and lead healthy, active lifestyles.”

A big thanks go out to all of the volunteers and support crew who have made this project possible.  The legacy that has been created will help all Nova Scotia Cyclists in the future.