Hello! My name is Ally Lord (she/her) and I’m thrilled to be coordinating the Women on Wheels program this summer. I’m originally from the Annapolis Valley and have spent the last few years since graduating from the University of King’s College working with different non-for-profits centred around youth empowerment and experiential learning. In my free time I love to read, write, cook, be barefoot outside, jump in lakes, and listen to early 2000’s music.

The Women on Wheels program is a space for women of all abilities to cycle together and connect within their community. In this position, I’m looking forward to better understanding barriers women face in accessing safe and enjoyable cycling, and how race, ability, gender, and class all intersect to create these barriers. Feel free to check out our weekly ride schedule to see where WOW is meeting in your community, as well as our Facebook page to stay up to date.

This summer we will be hosting two events for youth aged 12-18 as well as two events for new mothers and caregivers. The goal for these events is to increase comfortability around cycling and empower new parents and youth to become more confident integrating cycling into their lives. If you belong to either of these groups, or know someone who may be interested in being involved, please let us know! 

As we transition into another COVID summer, the importance of women centred spaces is at the forefront of my mind. After bearing the brunt of the emotional labor that the pandemic has brought forth, creating a space where women and girls can engage in recreation and create community is integral. 

We depend on volunteers for the sustainability of WOW, and are deeply grateful for the time and energy our existing volunteers have invested in this program. Feel free to send me a line if you’d like to connect regarding programming or if you’d like to share your favourite early 2000’s love ballad. 

Happy cycling! 


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