At this year’s AGM we were excited to be able to present lifetime achievement awards to three amazing advocates and supporters of bicycles in Nova Scotia.


Jacques Cotes and Michilene Guillot have worked tirelessly to make Nova Scotia a better place to ride a bicycle. From being founding members of Velo Cape Breton, being excellent role models for safe cycling, initiating countless bicycle rides, events and projects – they have changed the “cyclescape” of Nova Scotia. The Velo Cape Breton newsletter has undoubtedly reached all corners of the earth.



Jacques and Micheline have inspired everyone from children to seniors to get on a bicycle. They have increased visitors to this province by promoting the Cabot Trail in particular. Suffice it to say, that without their work, we would not be nearly as far ahead as we are in advocating for cycling infrastructure and increased safety and awareness in Nova Scotia. Jacques and Micheline have pushed people and organizations to do better and expect more, have effectively gotten the ear of municipal and provincial governments, and ridden so many miles – we cannot even count!


Bike Bob. Is there anyone in Nova Scotia who rides a bicycle who hasn’t at least heard of Bike Bob? Bob White is most often found on his bicycle – black tights, a red jacket, and a smile that not even the angriest motorist could resist. Bob has championed CAN-BIKE in Nova Scotia for more years than anyone knows how to count and he has taught so many people the important rules of the road so that riders are more confident and roads are safer.


Bob has been a long time board member of Bicycle Nova Scotia, engaging when he knows we need to move in a different direction and then taking his own direction when that is clearly the best path. His efforts in re-establishing the Nova Scotia Ramblers mean that there are hundreds of people who otherwise might not be riding a bicycle. Bob also has a penchant for retiring – and then returning with even more vigor and passion than before. We are so pleased to celebrate his contribution to cycling in Nova Scotia and look forward to more. As Bob would say, “Fairwinds – to your next adventure!”