Blind Spots: They’re one of the most dangerous aspects of road-use for cyclists, pedestrians and even other motorists. Cyclists who are able to maintain high-speeds in normal traffic conditions often pass into and out of blind spots frequently. 


With this in mind, Quality Concrete –a ready-mix operator servicing Atlantic Canada– has taken proactive steps to ensure their drivers have an increased level of awareness of what’s going on around their trucks. As they purchase new trucks to update their fleet, Quality Concrete is investing in the installation of cameras to the front, sides and back of their rigs, giving drivers a 360-degree view while they are on the road or the job site. Currently, 10 Quality concrete trucks have the 360-degree technology installed. President, Melvin Fiander, notes this is about safety: “What the 360-degree camera brought to the table for us was the ability to offer an added level of safety to a whole array of people we interact with through the day.” Fiander adds, “It allows us to look after the pedestrian. It allows us to look after the cyclist. It allows us to look after extra-vehicular traffic. It allows us to bring an added level of safety to the job site as well.”


Although the 360-degree cameras are expected to reduce risks between road users, Quality Concrete isn’t stopping there and is performing a trial with side-mounted radar units on a small number of their rigs. Side radar units give truck operators an audible warning when someone is travelling next to their trucks. This is a departure from typical motion detectors on larger trucks that don’t do a good job distinguishing between something moving in perpetuity to the to the truck versus a stationary object at the roadside. 


With both audio and visual systems in place, drivers will have an unparalleled understanding of what’s going on around them. Although nothing beats road users that are focused and alert, the extra steps taken by companies like Quality Concrete are more than helpful at improving road safety for cyclists and other road users.