Last week, the Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development had a special meeting on Active Transportation. At Bicycle Nova Scotia, we are so thrilled to see this kind of meeting taking place, with provincial staff from multiple departments highlighting to MLAs all the work that is happening in Nova Scotia. It is clear the Province recognizes that active transportation is good for our health, our environment, and our economy and they are our greatest allies in increasing cycling in Nova Scotia.

Opening remarks by Deputy Minister Karen Gatien highlight the value of active transportation to the province, and the role that Bicycle Nova Scotia is playing to advance this work: 

“The Province supports the vision of an integrated network of active transportation across Nova Scotia, that connects people within and between communities….  The province has also supported the community engagement and design of core [active transportation] networks through the Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) Bicycle Hubs program…..Public Works is also leading the government work in partnership with Bicycle Nova Scotia, to develop the Blue Route cycling network around the province. Blue Route is a province-wide cycling network, connecting communities across the province, using selected provincial highways, trails and municipal infrastructure. It will help create more opportunities for healthy active living, enable the development of economic opportunities by connecting more people to local businesses, and enhancing bicycle tourism. By promoting and encouraging active community transportation, we are working to improve quality of life for all Nova Scotians.”

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables, Karen Gatien









Watch the full presentation here:



Or if you prefer to read the transcript, you can find the meeting summary here:


Alison Carlyle is the Director of Blue Route Development and Cycling Advocacy at Bicycle Nova Scotia. For more information on the Blue Route, visit the Blue Route website.