In April 2021, Ms. Ehrenhold-Poole corresponded with Bicycle Nova Scotia expressing her regret at online statements regarding cyclists made in 2018. We chose not to publicly release this because we do not support any political candidate or party nor did we formally accept an apology. We were deeply concerned about the online statements made in 2018 and raised our concern at that time.

There is a significant amount of work to do in Nova Scotia to improve cycling infrastructure, safety, education and grow a greener and healthier economy – and we hope that all political parties and candidates will work towards this vision. Nova Scotia has committed to completing 3000km of the Blue Route and there are numerous municipal active transportation plans that have yet to receive funding to complete the infrastructure needed.

During COVID 19, we have witnessed an unprecedented growth in cycling, for transportation, recreation, and sport. What is needed now is a clear financial and policy commitment, including under the Sustainable Development Goals Act and the Traffic Safety Act, to solidify Nova Scotia as a safe and inclusive place for people of all ages to travel on two wheels. BNS is committed to working with all communities and organizations to improve active transportation through education and infrastructure.